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New Server! - 1/06/18

You're viewing this page on my new server!

This upgrades the server from a Core2 Duo laptop.


  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz (virtualized)
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 10 GB HD (OS)
  • 40 GB HD (Data)
  • Debian 9
  • Abyss X2 v2.14
Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day

Yahoo News
Amsterdam targets rowdy Brits with 'stay away' campaign
Danish artist hatches epic global troll hunt
Comedy suffering because 'you have to be careful' now says Aniston
Funny old world: The week's offbeat news
Cambodian man lands 'airplane' house in rice field
Whiskey vs dog toy: US top court hears high-stakes copyright case
US prisoners use toothbrush to dig hole, go for pancakes
Notre-Dame sued for English-only translations
Spain police arrest 16 in olive heist
Mysterious Corsican 'cat-fox' revealed as unique species
Two halves of Flemish 17th century family portrait reunited
French Bulldogs topple Labradors as most popular US breed: AKC
UK's PM in doghouse after another police intervention
Zebra shot dead after biting US man in attack
Cyclists hit Brazil's streets nude to display their vulnerability to traffic accidents
T-Rex skeleton to go under hammer in Switzerland
Goats, boyfriends, UFOs: New York reveals bizarre hotline calls
White tiger cub found dumped on Greek street: animal park
Belgian collects a treasure trove of 60,000 vintage tin boxes
Penguins missing visitors, say keepers, at locked-down Thai Zoo
UK PM Johnson worried about his dog's 'romantic urges' in Downing Street
Feline okay? The app that tells you if your cat's happy
Samoan seasonal workers sing during Australian hotel quarantine
Australia man ties bedsheets together to escape 4th floor hotel quarantine - police
World record as tightrope walkers cross Swedish Arctic valley 600m up
'Bubble man' roams San Francisco streets, bringing joy
Lot in Canadian village for sale with small catch: It's under water
Cambodia PM weighs in to get pet lion returned to owner
With 3D printed 'steaks', Spanish startup eyes the mass market
'Free meat for a year' offered in JBS U.S. vaccine sweepstakes
Italian hospital uses CT scan to unveil secrets of Egyptian mummy
Ukraine's inseparable couple ditches the handcuffs and parts ways
Kyrgyz cricket farm hopes to tap Chinese insects market
Supermarket chain says Polish workers found cocaine in banana boxes
Jamming with the cicadas in New Jersey: a once in 17 years event
China's WeChat bans nose-picking, spanking in bid to clean up livestreams
Pelicans befriend Cuban man living by the sea
French restaurant serves up food of the future: insects
With rattles and smoke, Peru shamans predict election outcome
Cattle for raffle gets Thai town in moood for vaccines
Would you wash with snail slime soap?
Soccer-Push-up punishment for Belgium's Batshuayi after squad gaffe
Rescued British yachtsman lands in Sydney's COVID-19 quarantine
Russia picks cast for movie to be shot in space
Vlad the vaccinator: Dracula's castle lures visitors with COVID-19 jabs
Ordering takeout? Try a live concert at home
Fresh pizza vending machine prompts curiosity and horror in Rome
Art attack: Israeli ex-sniper blasts paint in mental health message
Busy bees in Colombia get respite in bamboo hotels
High anxiety: World's longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in Portugal server stats

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