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New Server! - 1/24/09

You're viewing this page on my new server!

This upgrades the server from a 1.5 gHz P4 CPU. See the new server.
The new server is in a probation phase. If it's more stable, it gets the job!


  • 2.4 gHz AMD Athlon 64 3400+ CPU
  • 896 MB RAM
  • 80 GB HD (OS)
  • 160 GB HD (Data)
  • WinXP Pro SP3
  • Abyss X2 v2.6
Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day

Yahoo News
Australian senator caught napping still fan of press freedom
Believed python perplexing Maine city actually an anaconda
A corny tribute: Red Sox slugger immortalized in corn maze
Curious radio signal stirs talk of extraterrestrials
Phoenix-area woman finds 7-foot-long snake near trash
Vladimir Putin _ not THAT Vladimir Putin _ nabbed in Florida
Oklahoma mother charged with using crucifix to kill 'possessed' daughter
Lawyer: Don't punish client for buying car from drug dealer
Officials: Guinea pigs, calf, 300 rabbits found at home
500 cows rustled from New Zealand farm in unusual case
Welcome center becomes rescue center for cross-country cat
Girl strikes gold by finding stolen Olympic medal in trash
With help from goat, wily Clydesdale goes on lam for 5 days
Police: Driver playing 'Pokemon Go' hits parked cruiser
Pokemon, just go: France doesn't want creatures in schools
Lightning strike kills more than 300 reindeer in Norway
Police sergeant who filmed himself taking pot is released
Woman admits crickets, worms spilling on subway was a stunt
Owner: Pig found after 6 weeks in 'pretty good' condition
Headstone of Civil War soldier to be fixed after 154 years
Burkina Faso bans big buttocks beauty contest
UK broadcaster shuts down for hour, asks viewers to exercise
Panic on NY subway train as crickets, worms let loose in apparent prank
Oregon fair generates buzz with 1st legal pot display in US
Owner: Missing potbellied therapy pig is found, now home
Oldest floating US post office scrapes rock, runs aground
Man strips, drives pickup into Southwest plane in Nebraska
Spieth has no chance against Spelling Bee co-champion
Welcome to the fourth grade: Teacher's rap targets students
Ultra-marathon runner reunited with missing stray dog
Three charged with selling horsemeat as beef in Britain
Florida man survives lightning strike, spider, snake bites
Woman jostled on NYC subway loses grip on crickets and worms
Crafty! Beer-testing lab helps students learn chemistry
London flight delayed for hour as easyJet crew members argue
Woman drives through store after refused gift card purchases
For 10 years, possibly biggest pearl was hidden under bed
Cops: Man in Batman costume, Captain America mask stole beer
Alaska roadkill thieves target moose meant for charity
Pizza by drone: unmanned air delivery set to take off in New Zealand

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