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You're viewing this page on my new server!

This upgrades the server from a 1.5 gHz P4 CPU. See the new server.
The new server is in a probation phase. If it's more stable, it gets the job!


  • 2.4 gHz AMD Athlon 64 3400+ CPU
  • 896 MB RAM
  • 80 GB HD (OS)
  • 160 GB HD (Data)
  • WinXP Pro SP3
  • Abyss X2 v2.6
Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day

Yahoo News
Singapore minister sheepishly admits woolly thinking over cotton
Paris cafes to get extra terrace space as lockdown eases
Gibraltar moves to protect its monkeys against coronavirus
Rare cognac fetches record price at auction: Sotheby's
World's officially oldest man dies in UK aged 112
Making massssks from Florida python skin
Phantom lock picker of Paris parks becomes folk hero
US family turns in $1 mn found on street
In Spain, bar bot serves up contact-free beers
Singapore knicker nicker gets nicked for lockdown breach
UK royal 'swan marker' confirms census cancellation
Turkmen leader instructs grandson to compose propaganda songs
Masks blossom among roses at French perfume capital
South Korean football club sorry for 'X-rated' sex doll controversy
UK royal swan census cancelled due to virus: reports
NZealand's Ardern turned away from cafe under virus rules
Prickly pastime: Cactus inspires lockdown art project
Bears on the loose in Estonian capital
100-year-old Russian beats coronavirus
Ancient British archery event cancelled due to virus
Scruffy shoppers welcome reopening of Europe's shops
Inter-species lockdown meet-up at Japan aquarium
Five-year-old pulled over in US while driving to California
Welcome baby X Æ A-12: Musk and Grimes do it their way
Virus hangover for French brewers as they dump 10 mn litres of beer
Free-roaming horse Jenny cheers up German lockdown
Forget me not: Japan aquarium seeks video-chats for eels
Two pizzas and a spliff please: Interpol warns of lockdown drug deliveries
Porch costumes provide cheer in troubled times
Norwegian billionaire held over wife's disappearance
'Face' of Sweden's virus response immortalised in tattoo
Lockdown-defying Parisians pose challenge for authorities
German police bust cellar hairdressers
Lockdown inspires Italian boy to create coronavirus video game
S.Africa leader pokes fun at himself after viral face mask fumble
The Tooth Fairy won't catch the virus, Fauci assures seven-year-old
Social distancing takes a hit as Taiwan baseball teams brawl
Viral content: Tokyo governor's distancing call is online hit
Virus can't stop Germans getting their baguettes
WWII veteran, 99, raises nearly £20 mn for UK health workers
Recipe for disaster: Vietnam embraces kitchen nightmares in lockdown
Catch me if you can: police in Easter scramble to keep Greeks indoors
Coronavirus or not, US Marines need their buzz cuts: top general
Virus brings out the jackals in deserted Tel Aviv park
Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk in Rome
Spain to keep social distancing on beaches to fight virus
Coronavirus: the hidden personal grooming crisis
Bear takes cubs for stroll by normally busy Greek lake
Bronx zoo tiger tests positive for coronavirus
Confined Spaniard stays safe by skiing in his living room

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