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This upgrades the server from a 1.5 gHz P4 CPU. See the new server.
The new server is in a probation phase. If it's more stable, it gets the job!


  • 2.4 gHz AMD Athlon 64 3400+ CPU
  • 896 MB RAM
  • 80 GB HD (OS)
  • 160 GB HD (Data)
  • WinXP Pro SP3
  • Abyss X2 v2.6
Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day

Yahoo News
Runaway bear cub returns to the wild in French Pyrenees
Seven to stand trial over French fake politician scam
Black panther found roaming French rooftops
Thieves nab 2-mn-euro haul from vaunted French chateau
Selfies banned at Dutch museum's Nazi design expo
Paris art sale goes ahead despite Mexico protests
UK makes second arrest in golden toilet theft
Thailand's sex-shy giant panda dies aged 19
Buzz off! Angry bees delay Air India flight
Artist hopes gold toilet taken by 'Robin Hood' types
Solid gold toilet stolen from English stately home
Cats, dolphins and one smart raven: the CIA's secret animal spies
India's Stalin admits to problems visiting Russia
Russia scraps robot Fedor after space odyssey
Soldiers hospitalised as reindeer crashes Lapland wargames
Foody tale ending: Shanghai Disney allows food, but not durian
New Saudi minister jokes oil outlook could drive him to Prozac
Tourist told to pull 'Nazi grandpa' comments in Austria
Tsars of the show: Aussie blokes become unlikely Russian folk heroes
Ruiz or Ruiz? Name game complicates race for US congress seat
French court to rule if noisy rooster can keep crowing
AMLO's Mexico: a glossary
'Contemptuous!': Brexit Britain fumes at reclining MP
Catholic school priest bans 'Harry Potter' books on exorcist advice
Aussie newbie pilot lands plane after instructor blacks out
Deadly Cobra caught in Germany after five days on the loose
Slovenian village divided over Trump 'statue of liberty'
No-fly boys: new Russian space suit clashes with pee ritual
Straight outta Karachi: Pakistan's surprise hip hop hub
Brussels mulls car use tax to cut traffic jams
DNA to solve mystery of Napoleon's general lost in Russia
Escaped deadly cobra terrorises German town
Meng Meng, Berlin Zoo's panda, is pregnant
Austrian police hunt for cowbell thieves
182 pigs killed en route to French slaughterhouse
Trump trips up in tweet about Macron lunch
America's 'Marquis' snares air guitar championship title
New Zealand MP goes viral after bottle-feeding baby in parliament
Move over Angelina Jolie, it's 'humanitarian pup'
Gentleman jailbreak: convicts return to Indonesia prison
US energy secretary falls for Instagram hoax
Albania bulldozes restaurant after owner attacks tourists
Mind the doors: Japan bullet train runs with door open at 280 kph
Siberian postwoman on DIY monster truck gives lifeline to tiny village
Dutch plan big Brexit beach party
Pilgrims gather for cosmic-like ritual in Bulgaria's mountains
Bulgaria seizes cocaine smuggled in banana shipment
Eye of the swarm: experts take sting out of urban beekeeping
Greenland cold-shoulders Trump's buyer's interest
EU's von der Leyen bids Germany goodbye with Scorpions hit

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