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This upgrades the server from a 1.5 gHz P4 CPU. See the new server.
The new server is in a probation phase. If it's more stable, it gets the job!


  • 2.4 gHz AMD Athlon 64 3400+ CPU
  • 896 MB RAM
  • 80 GB HD (OS)
  • 160 GB HD (Data)
  • WinXP Pro SP3
  • Abyss X2 v2.6
Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day

Yahoo News
Royal rivalry in Italian Riviera 'micronation'
Musk mocks Tesla short-sellers by selling short shorts
Holiday park sculpture by artist Calder on sale in Paris
Hundreds of drones light up Seoul sky with virus messages
Dutch ID cards will soon omit gender, says minister
Turkmen leader dedicates poem to 'wonderful' wheat
Panda gifted by China gives birth to second cub in Taiwan
Bias against women driven by people who think it doesn't exist: study
Fourth time lucky? Danish PM forced to postpone wedding again
Stranded surfer says Argentina must repatriate dogs too
Never mind the skyscrapers, grab a deckchair on Milan's 'beach'
Maurice, the French rooster who ruffled feathers, will crow no more
Must be glove: the Japan man obsessed with lost gloves
Putin has 'disinfection tunnel' to protect him from coronavirus
Vienna man fined 500 euros for deliberate 'massive flatulence'
Plain plane go away: UK PM orders official jet paint job
Sub surfaces to let Norway sailors take the plunge
'Baby dragons' go on display in Slovenia
In Spain, the white lion cub whose mum didn't want him
US author declares decade-long treasure hunt in Rockies finally over
'We'll be back': Italy prison escapees promise to return
Sick of lockdown: Panda escapes confinement in Copenhagen zoo
Gran Theft Auto: finger flexes keep 90-year-old gamer console-ready
Banana, bean cake and fertiliser stunts in Hong Kong's legislature
Back in the saddle: Turkmen leader heads up giant bike parade
S.Africa thieves stage liquor heist under lockdown
Britain denies virus restrictions encourage 'sex ban'
Singapore minister sheepishly admits woolly thinking over cotton
Paris cafes to get extra terrace space as lockdown eases
Gibraltar moves to protect its monkeys against coronavirus
Rare cognac fetches record price at auction: Sotheby's
World's officially oldest man dies in UK aged 112
Making massssks from Florida python skin
Phantom lock picker of Paris parks becomes folk hero
US family turns in $1 mn found on street
In Spain, bar bot serves up contact-free beers
Singapore knicker nicker gets nicked for lockdown breach
UK royal 'swan marker' confirms census cancellation
Turkmen leader instructs grandson to compose propaganda songs
Masks blossom among roses at French perfume capital
South Korean football club sorry for 'X-rated' sex doll controversy
UK royal swan census cancelled due to virus: reports
NZealand's Ardern turned away from cafe under virus rules
Prickly pastime: Cactus inspires lockdown art project
Bears on the loose in Estonian capital
100-year-old Russian beats coronavirus
Ancient British archery event cancelled due to virus
Scruffy shoppers welcome reopening of Europe's shops
Inter-species lockdown meet-up at Japan aquarium
Five-year-old pulled over in US while driving to California

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